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Have It Your Way

Greetings, Bed Block patrons! I just got back from a vacation with the family and sent my two boys off to school this morning. Our oldest, Nolan, started first grade, and our youngest, Oliver, is on to pre-k. It was a fun, exciting morning...and an emotional one for my wife. These two little guys are why we’ve worked so hard to make Bed Block a success!

If you’ve been considering our product, but have concerns that it may not work as is for your specific needs, please reach out to me about a personalized design. I’d like to share a short story with you about my first custom project.

Caroline from South Carolina contacted me about  designing a larger Bed Block for her mother who lives in a nursing home. Caroline’s mother regularly wears a special medical boot that she keeps on even during sleep, so our standard model was not going to be tall enough by a long shot. 

We experimented with a stiffer foam in the regular Bed Block shape, simply making it taller and wider. Caroline wanted two pieces that could be combined to provide a tent for her mother’s feet the entire width of her bed; when that wasn’t necessary, the pieces could come apart. I made this possible with velcro.

Caroline also requested a waterproof cover that could be easily wiped down to ensure sterility in the nursing home environment. This cover has a both a soft and vinyl-like side, the latter of which we ended up facing out. Caroline has since reported that she loves the end product and has referred me to a podiatrist that she knows to continue developing new ideas.

Now that I’ve broadened my knowledge about foam design and foot health even further, I am ready to take on your custom requests. While the standard Bed Block will be a suitable product for most users, I understand that its dimensions may not be ideal for special needs. I’d love to help you on your journey to better sleep--have it your way!

Email me at travis@bedblock.co to start the custom order process and stay tuned for new Bed Block developments. We have recently launched our embroidery option and have a larger wedge coming soon. Thank you for your support!


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