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Slate - Bed Block
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Slate - Bed Block


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The Bed Block lifts your sheets up and over your toes which can relieve symptoms for many common conditions: foot, ankle, and toe pain from injuries, restless legs, surgery recovery, foot and toe sensitivity, neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hammer toes, cramping, lower back pain, and general sleep discomfort. Whether you want to sleep better or just feel more pep on your feet, the Bed Block offers a restful night for you.  

The Bed Block is comprised of a specially formulated, latex-free foam base with a soft removable polyester cover for easy washing. The foam is strong enough to keep your sheets, blankets, and comforter lifted up and over your feet. No bars to stub your toe on, no cold metal pieces near your feet, just a soft, gentle pillow for your feet.

Whether you are a back, side, fetal, or stomach sleeper, you will benefit from the Bed Block's roomy air pocket that takes pressure off of your feet and helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you in that deep REM sleep cycle and ultimately providing a more comfortable sleep experience. Sleeping better means you live better, and have the energy to tackle your day ahead.

It's easy to use: simply turn down your sheets and place the Bed Block at the foot of your bed. Place the 45-degree angle against your feet for a more snug feeling, or the 45 degree angle away to maximize height and airflow. Pull your sheets back up and enjoy newfound freedom not experienced since 1776!

Sizing: Your Bed Block can be used multiple ways. It's 16 inches long; with the tall pointed side up will provide the greatest "tent" effect at 9 inches tall, the flat edge up provides slightly less at 8 inches.

The Bed Block can also be used for leg and back support while sitting or to assist in stabilizing limbs after injury or surgery. The Bed Block is manufactured, assembled and shipped out of Arizona, made in the USA.