Nominate a First Responder

With this unprecedented global event, our nurses, medics, firefighters, policemen, custodians, grocery clerks, and more have been called upon to work tirelessly to keep us safe and well supplied.

Being someone who is no stranger to extreme circumstances over my two years deployed to Iraq and as an EMT upon returning home, I empathize greatly with these amazing examples of humanity at its finest. The feeling of waking up tired and putting your already sore feet into boots/shoes still moist with yesterday's sweat is not something I wish upon anyone.

To celebrate these hardworking people, I would like to say thank you with FREE Bed Blocks in the hopes that their tired feet can rest a little easier. I would like you to nominate your selfless friend, colleague or family member so that I can do my little part to say thank you! 

Using the form below, provide the following information:

  • Your first responder's name
  • Your first responder's email address
  • Your first responder's mailing address
  • A short story about your first responder's service (including your name so we can credit the nomination)

Then, I'll drop a Bed Block in the mail! I appreciate your nomination. 

Stay well,