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The Benefits of Sleeping with a Bed Block Blanket Lifter

If you're someone who struggles with keeping your blankets from weighing you down at night, a Bed Block might be just what you need. A blanket lifter is a device that lifts your blankets up off your feet, creating a space for your feet to breathe and preventing them from getting too hot or too cold while reducing the downward pressure created by your blankets. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping with a Bed Block blanket lifter:

  1. Improved circulation: When your feet are weighed down by heavy blankets, it can impede circulation and cause discomfort or pain. By using a blanket lifter, you can improve blood flow to your feet and reduce the risk of swelling or cramping.

  2. Enhanced comfort: With a Bed Block blanket lifter, you can adjust the height of the blankets to your liking by rotating the different sides, to increase or decrease the proximity to your feet and/or legs. This can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed as you sleep, and may even improve your quality of sleep.

  3. Reduced risk of overheating: If you tend to get too hot at night, a blanket lifter can help by allowing air to circulate around your feet. This can prevent you from feeling too warm and waking up sweaty or uncomfortable.

  4. Greater independence: For people who have mobility issues or who require assistance with getting in and out of bed, a blanket lifter can help them maintain their independence by allowing them to adjust their blankets without help.

  5. Better hygiene: If you share a bed with a partner or a pet, a blanket lifter can help keep your feet and blankets separate, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and maintaining better hygiene.

Overall, a blanket lifter can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their comfort and sleep quality. Whether you struggle with circulation issues, overheating, or simply want to enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep, a blanket lifter might be just what you need.

How It Works

By placing your Bed Block at the bottom of your mattress, the wedge will lift your sheets up and over your toes.