Bed Block Saves the Day!

Bed Block Saves the Day!

About two months ago, my wife, Jackie, suffered a stress fracture in her left foot. Walking, flexing, bending, and many other everyday foot movements became difficult to bear and she ended up in a boot. She was allowed to remove the boot when lounging on the couch, but still wasn’t completely comfortable.

For obvious reasons, prior to this incident, Jackie was already a regular Bed Block user. Even though she has no medical conditions that the Bed Block is commonly purchased to assist with, she sleeps with one every night because she enjoys the roominess at the end of the bed and of course, the temperature regulation. As a result, when the stress fracture occurred, she was already set up for a solid night’s rest, but TV time on the couch was another story.

Part of Jackie’s healing regimen has included elevating and icing when she’s sitting down and can stretch out. Because of the location of the stress fracture, however--top, middle of foot--she was engaged in a balancing act keeping her cold gel pack in place. In addition, the heft of the pack was pushing Jackie’s toes down, pulling on the very break she was trying to heal. This all got annoying fast.

Bed Block to the rescue! We placed a Bed Block at the end of the chaise lounge part of our couch, right up against Jackie’s foot. This allowed the gel pack to rest comfortably in position with her ankle at the base to keep it in place. Since her foot was in a consistent position, the gel pack didn’t topple and the natural slope of her foot was maintained. Win win!


Bed Block used to elevate injured foot. Rest, ice, compression, elevation is the key to injury management
Today, Jackie’s foot is healing and she is out of the boot. We still aren’t out of the woods yet, but with the Bed Block’s help,we’ll be getting there soon. I hope we can help you, too!


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