Believing in Bed Block

Believing in Bed Block

 As I progress on this journey that is the Bed Block, I have stumbled into an all-too-common part of selling consumer products both in person and online: How do I convey my message in a way that resonates with consumers? I speak with folks on both ends of the spectrum: those who are skeptical about the Bed Block’s function and those who see it fill an immediate need for themselves or a loved one. I don’t shy from feedback; I want it, and I would love to hear your opinion, too. 

The Bed Block has, much like the Squatty Potty did for your #2, increased quality of life so simply that some people raise an unbelieving eyebrow. But once you experience the Bed Block, sleep will never be the same without it. I love the skeptics, because I can learn the most from them. They require me to take a step back and view the Bed Block in its entirety to assess if it’s as good an idea as I know it to be. They provide me a challenge, in that I will have to try harder to craft my pitch to showcase the value of the Bed Block. Ultimately, this feedback and subsequent rebuttal can only better how I present the Bed Block to consumers on and and with retailers. 

This feedback was crucial while in prototype development mode; product testers were critical of foam types, hardness, or cover material and features. This led me to the current shape of a long, right, triangular block with a flat edge to provide varying heights and adjustable closeness to your feet. This optimal version successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now for sale online and through select bedding retailers. The skeptics are the most fascinating crowd as they may not see an immediate benefit to them… and I used to be one of them. Most of us have a habit of just laying down in bed, and short of chronic pain, don’t typically look to upgrade our sleeping situation. 

We don’t think through how increasing airflow can help to regulate consistent body temperature from head to foot and how that prevents waking up cold or sweating. We don’t think about how having room for our ankles and feet to stretch and move prevents the pressure and discomfort that comes from cramming our feet under the sheets at the bottom of our bed. By encouraging consumers to consider these aspects (and more!) of quality sleep, I have successfully turned those skeptics into believers time and time again as they try the Bed Block. Placing one of these bad boys at the foot of the bed is as uncomplicated as it gets, and presto, you have a free feeling like you have never experienced. Our 5-star reviews and glowing feedback have been a testament to the Bed Block’s quality and design... IT WORKS! 

The immediate believers tend to be those with a medical need like neuropathy, folks with injuries to their back, legs, feet, etc., or busy athletes, as they have had to learn to sleep differently. Perhaps the body doesn’t heal like it used to or energy levels are not as high as they once were, so quality sleep is more important than ever. Running into these hurdles in life throws us into a constant state of sleep optimization, to seek out sleep hacks in an effort to get a few more winks, or to wake up with a little less pain. These are the folks that see the Bed Block and I can see the light bulb go off and know I am on the right path. To hear from these folks that they love the Bed Block and cannot sleep without it now is a driving force; I know people have achieved better sleep, naturally, with the Bed Block in their lives. They, like me, are hooked. It’s a sleep tool without pills, plugs, pads, diffusers, weights, creams, or other expensive items. 

While many of those solutions also work, something has to be said for a product so simple, safe, and inexpensive, yet incredibly effective. This is the Bed Block.In showing off the Bed Block at local mattress stores or through video product demos online, I get that instant feedback: the “Yes, that would help with my ____! I want one!” response, or the look of confusion that tells me the challenge is on and I need to dig deeper to find a point that resonates. So, I have this battle to wage with consumer education; online, I need to capture attention immediately, while showcasing the value of the Bed Block and what it can mean to living and sleeping better. This is something I must learn to optimize and I will continue to better my efforts. What I have learned in taking on challengers is that if they try the Bed Block for a few nights, their skepticism falls faster than a toupee in a hurricane. The first night, for some, is an odd one with something at their feet, but there is a reason that the Bed Block becomes a permanent fixture in beds across the country. 

Once that hurdle has been cleared in a couple nights’ time, you know what to expect when crawling into bed. That is where the magic happens--the feeling of toe freedom is something you never knew you needed! I know the Bed Block can have a positive impact on your sleep health, and in turn, your overall quality of life. Isn’t that what optimization is all about? Living a better life. I am eager to help and thank you for your patronage. 

- Travis 

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