Bigger May Be Better...

Bigger May Be Better...

The beloved Bed Block just got bigger! Due to popular demand to accommodate larger shoe sizes, I am proud to introduce the Big Block. It’s available in our favorite colors, Royal Blue and Slate, to help those who need just a little bit more height and width for optimal sheet elevation. I designed the original model for my size-9 feet, but knew that there was an untapped market yearning for a better night’s sleep. Here is how the Big Block stacks up:

Original: 9 inches tall x 8 inches deep x 16 inches long 

Big Block: 12 inches tall x 8 inches deep* x 20 inches long

Bigger is better!

Three inches taller might not sound like much, but for those with a men's shoe size 10+ or women’s shoe size 11.5+, the original Bed Block may have fallen short (pun intended) of providing the needed lift. Depending on how heavy your sheets and blankets are, the Big Block can accommodate up to a men’s size 13 or women’s size 14.5, covering over 90% of the population. Yes! Shorter folks that opt for the Big Block can leave their surgical boot on, or just enjoy a little more room. 

As the Super Bowl just ended, this is our ode to the performers out there who now get a little downtime to rest their bodies, to mend those twisted ankles and sore joints. Athletes and fans alike can ease into the off-season with the Big Block, here to help in obtaining the quality sleep needed to perform at your best on the field, at home, and at work. 

Personally, I am excited about Spring Training kicking off and I think about how turf toe can impact players, while shin splints are an equal opportunity offender that require room to heal. It's an honor to help those who inspire us to get out and move our bodies, as exceptional health only starts with quality sleep. 

To order your Big Block now, CLICK HERE and enter promo code BIG10. As always, thank you for your support!


*The depth was not increased in order to maximize the available length of your bed while still providing the lift needed to sleep comfortably on your side or back. 

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