Give the Gift of Better Sleep

Give the Gift of Better Sleep

We can all be stubborn. I’m stubborn. My wife is stubborn (she’s more stubborn--gets it from her dad). As a result, we don’t always recognize what we need when it comes to optimizing our health. We are sometimes in denial or have succumbed to the popular “not me” mindset or simply aren’t aware of all the options out there. It is often our loved ones that know better.

Many Bed Block customers are those friends and family members that have someone in their lives who isn’t sleeping their best, but may not know what to do about it or care to change. This person could be the aging parent that still feels young or the restless bed mate tossing and turning all night. It could even be someone who normally sleeps well, but has befallen an unfortunate circumstance.

A few months back, Jackie was telling a colleague about the stress fracture she suffered from last spring and no joke, the very next day, that same colleague slipped on a rock on campus and broke her own foot. My wife is now careful who she discusses broken feet with! 

Jackie’s immediate reaction? “I can help her!” She asked me to put a Bed Block in a bag to take to work and gave it to her colleague a few days after the break. Her friend was so grateful to have something that would help her recovery process and started using her Bed Block that night. Jackie overheard her telling other colleagues about it, and we are thrilled it made suffering from that broken foot a little less painful.

Do you know someone that suffers from a chronic foot condition? Someone that has recently experienced an injury or underwent a surgery? Someone that sleeps hot or is always kicking their feet out of the blankets? Give them the gift of better sleep this holiday with a brand new Bed Block!

We are both sad and excited to announce that we’ve already SOLD OUT of three colors, but still have three others heavily stocked, including our bright, festive Scarlet. Use promo code XMAS19 for 19% off our red block, perfect for the season and that special someone in your life. Thank you for continuing to support Bed Block!


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