More Than Just Toes!

More Than Just Toes!

As the Bed Block nears Thanksgiving, I thought it a good time to say who I am thankful for (as a company), our customers. (personally my wife Jackie has always been my guiding light) Your reviews help to drive the passion behind this product and fuel it into the sheets of many more. I have heard some wonderful and engaging feedback on how the Bed Block has helped people overcome their foot and toe sensitivity, but I have also heard some unique feedback for uses I never would have guessed. Take a look at this:

Bed Block for after shoulder surgery

In addition to shoulder surgery, there have been great reviews left for post hip surgery, knee replacements, and more. People who purchased this for their spouse or parent what have found relief for the first time in years. It’s humbling that such a simple product can bring so much relief to so many people with a variety of afflictions that needed just a simple lift in order to bring a better night’s rest. 

Neuropathy pain relief while sleeping

The Bed Block was created to solve my own foot pain associated with a frostbite injury. When it was created there was no intent to sell my creation as a product, so to see how many other ailments have been positively impacted has been a huge validation of my improvisation. 

Echar Gangrene pain and sensitivity relief while sleepingI will continue to drive forward as 2020 nears and will have a larger model out soon and maybe some new colors (feel free to comment below with any suggestions). I will continue to manufacture, source and ship from the Metro Phoenix area as supporting our local economy is important to me. Thank you for your support of small and independent businesses, as well as a veteran who did his best to live the ‘improvise, adapt, and overcome’ ethos and just happened to turn it into a business. 

After knee and hip surgery for recovery comfort

I hope you and your families enjoy the holiday together and the light hearted jokes, quips and stories bring you closer to one another. 

Thank you,


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