Post surgical recovery aided by Bed Block

Post-Surgical Care with Bed Block

As Bed Block continues in its fourth year, I am constantly surprised by the innovative ways that customers have used our simple device to support their ailments or recovery. From its humble beginnings in my garage, to nursing homes, hospitals, bedrooms, living rooms, and even in a dog bed, every new application puts a smile on my face; finding a remedy for my rolled ankle has helped so many. 

This leads me to one of the most beneficial uses of the Bed Block: post-surgical recovery. Customers have told me how our sturdy, yet soft foam is ideal for sleeping while recovering from surgery. This really hit home when earlier this year my wife had a pretty extensive shoulder surgery. For weeks, sleeping was fleeting at best for both her and me. It was rough, I'm not going to sugar coat it, but the Bed Block swooped in many times to position her better. To get an extra twenty-thirty minutes of sleep before she grew uncomfortable meant the world to us.

Watching her struggle for an ounce of sanity at times hurt on a deep level. My time in the Army taught me how to sleep in the most miserable of circumstances, but for those who haven't had the joy of learning to sleep next to a Chinook landing pad or an artillery battery, it really is a nightmare come true. In comes the Bed Block! To obtain even the smallest level of comfort, Jackie had to sleep sitting up with her sling on. So, we placed a Bed Block behind her back and another one under her sling to take a weight off her arm. It wasn't an exact science, but it was a solution that worked to varying success depending on the night and discomfort level. 

As she slowly adjusted to the new normal of an invasive surgery, each night got better. Of course the kids would inevitably wake up just as she got comfortable, so I would get up to take them to the bathroom, make a mental note which one had to clean the toilet tomorrow, and tuck them back in. Life is not always the way we planned at any given stage of life, but the Bed Block has afforded me the ability to not only better the lives of my family, but thousands of people, and counting.

Thank you for making Bed Block a niche success. As the weather cools off and joint pain increases, Bed Block will be ready. I appreciate each and every sale, a vote of confidence in American ingenuity, small business, and manufacturing. I will continue to source and produce locally to support other small businesses, just as you have been there to support me and my family through this crazy year and a half.


- Travis


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